OLLEO cold pressed oil visited the Gulfood World Culinary Exhibition in Dubai

OLLEO visited Gulfood 2023: the largest culinary exhibition in the world, which takes place annually in Dubai. More than 5,223 leading companies in the food industry took part in it and presented more than 100,000 new products from 125 countries.

Gulfood is an exclusive event for the exchange of good practices and experiences between food and beverage producers from around the world. Every year, the event is attended by world-renowned chefs who demonstrate in practice the latest culinary trends and support the development of the culinary ecosystem on a global scale. During the event, innovative products are presented, and world leaders in food and beverage production use the exhibition as a kind of platform within which they announce upcoming activities and news.

OLLEO was also there with its own stand in the World Food sector, where it welcomed tens of thousands of lovers of high-quality, healthy cuisine. We are happy that OLLEO has successfully fulfilled its mission to tell about the high quality of Bulgarian food products and to present Bulgaria as a leader in the production of clean, natural products.

What did OLLEO impress Gulfood visitors with?

During the exhibition, tens of thousands of culinary professionals and amateurs from all over the world fell in love with OLLEO’s unique products. Most impressive for them was the clean production process – from the crops to the final product, as well as the high quality of the cold-pressed oil. OLLEO gets its pure, dense and rich taste thanks to the all-natural, non-genetically modified sunflower seeds used in its production. The entire process is precisely controlled – from the selection of the raw material and the peeling of the sunflower seeds using the latest generation machines, to the production of the cold-pressed oil and its packaging.

In addition to the irresistible taste qualities that OLLEO possesses, visitors highly appreciated its content of useful nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle. The product is rich in lecithins, proteins, Omega-6, Omega-9, vitamins A and E and more. OLLEO does not contain GMOs and no hexanes or solvents were used in its production.

“It’s very comfortable! This is the first time I have seen such a product and I would definitely use it in my daily life.”
– Gulfood 2023 visitor

Of course, the visitors were also impressed by the innovative packaging of OLLEO minis, which do not spill, do not leave greasy stains and have no analogues on the Bulgarian market. Each OLLEO mini contains a single dose of 8 ml. or 14 ml. high-quality sunflower oil with different flavors, soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. To use the product, consumers simply tear off the top of the packaging and flavor their salads and cold appetizers. Thanks to the unique packaging, the product can be used easily and quickly anywhere – in the office, at home, outside and even above the clouds .

Restaurant owners and caterers who attended the exhibition also showed interest in OLLEO minis. According to them, the single doses of sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce provide an opportunity for a convenient and easy way of flavoring the food both on site in the restaurant and when making deliveries to homes.

“I try to offer an extremely high quality of service in my restaurant. I think this product offers great application opportunities in our industry because not only is it great quality, but it’s extremely easy to use, and it looks good too.”
– Fast food restaurant owner, Gulfood visitor.

More about Gulfood 2023

Gulfood says the 2023 show has seen a 30% increase in visitors, which this year was over 134,460 culinary enthusiasts from more than 195 countries.

The participants of the exhibition had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in the food industry, to gain experience from culinary leaders and to create new partnerships and business relations with international companies operating in the food industry. More than once, global culinary trends have started precisely from Gulfood.

Of course, in addition to food and beverage manufacturers, the exhibition is also visited by lovers of world cuisine and those who like to eat delicious, quality food.

And now where?

After traveling to Dubai, it’s time for OLLEO to return to our continent. So expect it at the Anuga World Food and Beverage Exhibition in the city of Cologne in Germany. From October 7th to 11th, OLLEO will be waiting for you at stand E097 in hall 4.1.

And if you can’t wait until then, you can grab an OLLEO from the sites we work with in the store network or directly from our online store.